We handle residential real estate investment differently than your average Realtor. When friends come to us looking for homes to buy/sell in the Glendale, CA area, we treat them just the same as a client who came to us looking to invest for their retirement. Our investment-approach outlook on the residential real estate market helps us find and negotiate the best deals for our clients. Also, our old roots in the local community here in the Glendale and Foothills area give you, our neighbors and clients, access to real-time market information. Nothing trades without us hearing about it.

The types of residential deals we focus on are ones that give our clients the power of flexibility. For example, we recently had a client who wanted to flip his first house, but wanted the option of also living in it temporarily until the value appreciated. The solution?…we found him an amazing bargain from Trustee Sale (foreclosure auction). So amazing, that by the time he had finished remodeling, the property was already worth double what he bought it for. Mind you, this was just in 2010 in a declining market.

When selling a home in Glendale, we feel it’s important to have a solid marketing strategy. By “marketing strategy”, we don’t mean open houses and the usual stuff. We’re talking about effective, tactical marketing that creates a buzz around your property. Over the years, we’ve become experts at gaining the necessary exposure to the community through our broad network of contacts and social media marketing.

Modern solutions and creative thinking coupled with traditional brokerage expertise will always result in smiling clients.


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