What are the benefits of having a well-educated, professional team of brokers and management specialists spearheading your real estate investment strategy? Whether you’re looking for Commercial Investments in Glendale CA  or Apartment Investments in Burbank CA, the team at Verdugo Properties is unmatched in terms of experience and expertise. In house professionals are available for sales, valuation, analysis, management or advisory services, consistently providing excellent results. Having built a reputation on integrity and skill, Verdugo Properties is proud to be one of the leading Real Estate Investment Consultants in Glendale CA and greater Los AngelesCounty.

Unparalleled Resources

As a full service real estate organization, Verdugo Properties offers unparalleled resources. In addition to traditional real estate investment advisory, we are able to bring you opportunities that will help you make the most of your investment plan. As a result, we look for new options and possibilities to maximize returns and bring the best in investment opportunities directly to you. On account of our industry specialization and networks we are able to establish real estate syndications, which give you the chance to pool your resources and invest in larger scale projects.

In addition, our expert managers can assist with your portfolio, helping you create and preserve wealth. Successful portfolio management is dependant upon the resources and information that you are able to secure. Take advantage of the strong relationships Verdugo Properties can offer and maximize your earning potential.

Research and Advisory

The team of specialists at Verdugo Properties is dedicated to providing you with the most up to the minute market information and analysis. Successfully Buying Apartments in San Fernando Valley requires different information today than last month or even last week. Real time market intelligence gives you data on buyer demand, pricing and local markets. The result? Timely and fact-based decisions that help you secure a higher return. As Commercial Brokers in Glendale CA, we take the time to understand your objectives and look beyond a single transaction. It is our goal to build a relationship that helps you prosper over time.

Investment Sales

Looking for Commercial Investments in San Fernando Valley? Even part time investors can benefit from our expertise as we match buyers and sellers, building relationships that will grow into long term possibilities. As Commercial Real Estate Listing Brokers in SFV, we can help you efficiently and effectively navigate the real estate investment community. Remember, even Triple-Net Investments in CA are not without risk. Trust the expert professionals at Verdugo Properties to help you develop and secure profitable investments.

Real estate investment can be a challenge. Trust the experts from Verdugo properties to help you overcome obstacles and secure a higher return from your portfolio. With syndication opportunities, expert analysis and unparalleled resources, we help you find the best possibilities to create and preserve wealth.

As leading Commercial Brokers in San Fernando Valley, Verdugo Properties has the knowledge and expertise to help you create and manage an investment strategy that you can trust. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your real estate investment plans. We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your financial goals.

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