Part of the reason why Verdugo Properties prides itself on its current local market knowledge is because of the amount of valuation work we perform for banks and financial institutions. When it comes to providing asset managers with BPOs in the San Fernando Valley and BOVs in Los Angeles, Verdugo Properties surpasses the industry standard by including detailed and comprehensive analyses of each property we evaluate.

Initially, our BPO/BOV platform was set up in order to obtain REO listings from banks in both the residential and commercial arenas. However, after perfecting the art of property valuation and investment analysis, we began to realize the true value and benefits of providing clients with quick and competent asset valuation services. As a result of our ongoing BPO and BOV services, we have the ability to track the local markets in real-time and provide our clients with relevant information that will help them make more informed asset management decisions.

Furthermore, property owners can use our Broker’s Price Opinions and Broker’s Opinions of Value in the Los Angeles, CA area to their advantage in many ways. For example, in the case of a Commercial Short Sale in Glendale, CA, the property owner can use the BOV provided by Verdugo Properties to help negotiate a reasonable short sale disposition price with the bank. Also, in the case of homeowners facing foreclosure, the homeowner can use our BPO and property market evaluation to save time during the short sale negotiation process. As experts in Short Sales in Glendale,CA and Short Sales in Burbank, CA, we strongly encourage property owners to have a BPO or BOV done on their property at least once a year to use as a benchmark.
What is a BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion)?

A Broker’s Price Opinion (like the BPOs in the San Fernando Valley that we provide to asset management professionals) is a comprehensive market report outlining a residential property’s current market value and details about the surrounding market conditions. These BPOs in Glendale, CA help asset managers who are unfamiliar with the subject property’s market to see a clear image of what they need to do in order to maximize the investment in the asset.

We’re certified by the NABPOP (National Association of Brokers Pricing Opinion Professionals) and adhere to strict guidelines and industry standards.

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