Owner/User Deal Just Listed in Tujunga, CA

Your business can enjoy major street exposure on a high-traffic boulevard with this recently remodeled property in the heart of Tujunga. Its practical layout make it relatively simple to convert for any use without much (or any) work necessary, depending on your line of business. The total usable square footage (approximately 21,000sf) is split between two structures; the showroom in the front features an exposed truss ceiling, service counter and plenty of space for merchandise display while the garage in the rear of the property provides an optimal storage/work area which can be used as auto bays or easily converted to a versatile work space. There is also ample parking on the property, which is secured with black iron gates.

The immediate surrounding area is densely populated and is home to numerous thriving small businesses and retail stores alike. This busy corridor of Foothill Blvd is also actively improving, with many new constructions and rehab projects underway within a short distance of the property.

On Foothill Blvd. West of Tujunga Canyon and East of Commerce. Close to the 210 / 118/ 2 Freeways. (200 linear feet of frontage on Foothill Blvd. surrounded with many new commercial (retail, office) developments in Tujunga, CA. The property is a combined package of 6 different lots of approx. 35,000 sq. ft. with approx. 21,000 sq. ft. combined two separate buildings. This property is located on a major thoroughfare with very high traffic count, adjacent to Tujunga YMCA and surrounded by schools, churches, retail stores, restaurants and local small businesses. Ideal for users of various types.)

URGENT BUYER NEED: Off-Market NNN Deals Around SoCal

Brokers & Principals,

We currently have numerous immediate buyers for NNN deals. While our usual sourcing methods are turning up a few deliverable properties here and there, we’re resorting to asking the general online CRE investment community as well. Do you have a NNN property to sell? (fast-food restaurants, single-tenant net leased properties, or pretty much anything with a long-term credit tenant)

Please send deals and inquiries to george@verdugoproperties.com . We ask that you please make sure that the property is deliverable and have details ready, as we will be moving rather quickly.

Also, for any owners of net-leased real estate investments…please feel free to contact us for a free property evaluation if the thought of selling interests you.


Foreclosure Update: Inventory Shrinking, Prices Rising?

Here’s just a quick update about the Los Angeles foreclosure climate, for any investors who have been looking to start buying properties from Trustee Sale or are currently wondering why business is winding down.

(Note: Verdugo Properties is fully equipped and prepared to assist in the purchase of properties from foreclosure auctions, so long as the investment requirements are met. As seasoned experts, we’re constantly researching and tracking foreclosures in Glendale/Burbank/San Fernando Valley in order to provide our clients with the highest level of market knowledge and advisory services. Contact me for details.)

Currently, it seems as though the available selection of properties that actually make it to sale is shrinking day by day. It has become commonplace to track a property for months as it is postponed or cancelled over and over again. This ends up frustrating many investors and auction agents who make a living buying and selling properties from Trustee Sale. So what’s the big idea?

As major banks continue to beef up their loan modification efforts in order to keep homeowners in their homes, many homeowners in default are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that they have some time to bring their loans current. Not too long ago, it was common to strongly consider bankruptcy, short sales or even just walking away from the property altogether. Loan mod and bankruptcy specialists (usually attorneys) charged an arm and a leg and real estate agents stalked homeowners in default like vultures. Now, the very first option banks suggest to distressed borrowers is to be considered for the various different loan modification programs.

If the borrower agrees, the banks’ loss mitigation departments will request that the foreclosures be cancelled (or more commonly, postponed) in order for the borrower’s file to be underwritten and approved. Then, the borrower has a three month trial period. Should the borrower fail to pay during the trial period, they’re considered for several OTHER workout options. All the while, the same property is being announced and postponed continuously at the steps of the courthouse.

Just off the top of my head, I estimate we research and focus on anywhere from 25-28 properties a day (in the Glendale/Burbank/SFV areas) that are announced for Trustee Sale. By the end of the day, we’re lucky if we see ONE OR TWO of those actually come available for bid. This obviously is a clear sign that supply is drying up. As supply decreases and demand increases, naturally, the price of these once “steal of a deal” properties are coming closer and closer to being on par with the mainstream real estate market in regards to rising prices.

The rise of final selling prices at the auctions means rising prices in the general real estate market, because a lot of these homes end up being flipped for profit by investors. That’s great news in regards to the recovery of the market, however it’s extremely bad news for the people who are heavily involved in the business of flipping foreclosure homes…at least for the long run.

As home prices continue to rise, properties that were once under water will begin to see some positive equity, thus giving them the opportunity to refinance out of unfavorable loans and take advantage of the current interest rates. Also, homeowners who would have been forced to consider a short sale because of their financial circumstances can now take advantage and possibly sell for a profit, giving them money to invest on an albeit smaller but more affordable home.

All of this translates to fewer and fewer lucrative opportunities at the foreclosure auctions in the coming year. Unless there’s another massive wave of defaults, I don’t expect to see this window of opportunity to flip foreclosures for profits as high as 20% last very long. I strongly encourage those of you who have been sitting on the sidelines to reach out to an expert and see if it’s a good time for you to enter the foreclosure market, while it’s still lucrative. If not, there are always attractive multifamily deals once buying a home becomes “cool” again. 😉

– George Avakian

*Note: Anybody who uses a blog post from the internet as the basis of their investment strategy is asking for trouble. PLEASE, consult with an expert, if you aren’t one. If you simply don’t like talking to pushy brokers, e-mail us and we’ll point you towards someone who can give objective advice.*


How We're Consistently Making Profits Buying and Selling Off-Market Properties in Glendale, CA

This is the article every real estate investor we know has been waiting for.

The secret to how we (and probably thousands of other people) have been making a consistent return on investment flipping properties. As fair warning, let me say that I can’t give away all of our operational details over a blog post. (Not without meeting you at least!)  Those of you who already know this method and have disregarded it will most likely see this from a skeptic’s point of view, simply because it seems so basic. I’ll point out though, that if executed correctly, our system can, and probably will, be the safest, steadiest and most efficient way to invest in real estate. This particular investment strategy especially holds true typically for areas such as Glendale or Burbank, CA that have a robust local commercial and housing market, with strong middle-to-upper-class demographics.

Before getting into the basic steps of how this plan falls together, first you need to know who we are. We’re a father and son brokerage team. That means, between the two of us, we have an arsenal of experience in almost every aspect of the real estate world. We put it to good use when it comes to making money grow. Also, we’re surrounded by great people. We’ve built a solid team of industry-related professionals; real estate and eviction attorneys, accountants, lenders, title experts, escrow companies, contractors, managers, leasing specialists, bankers, private investigators, and so on. It’s imperative to have these people want to work with you. So, consider this step one in your own process. 

So essentially, all we do is purchase properties from Trustee Sale (also known as a foreclosure auction), fix what needs to be fixed on the property, solve any problems with it, put it back on the market and make a profit. Sounds like the oldest concept ever, right? It is. However, the way in which we go about choosing which properties is ultimately the key here.

My father, Vic Avakian and I have spent a great deal of our time in this business valuating properties and analyzing acquisitions for clients. He’s always said, time and time again, that he examines each property he considers for his client as if he was purchasing it with his own money, for himself. So every night, we research the properties that are going to hit the auction block the next morning. We narrow down the list to areas that we know inside-out and have deep business roots in. For example, most of our recent transactions have been in a particular area of Glendale or Burbank, simply because it’s close and we know the community. We’ll gather every piece of due diligence information we possibly can about the properties on our list in these areas. Then, we’ll put our valuation expertise to use to figure out what these properties are worth on today’s market at fair market value (or even a quick-sale price).

Once we have a value on each property, we’ll take a look at the minimum bid amount assigned for that property by the trustee. Next, we use our formula (which I will not release on the internet – feel free to e-mail me about it) to underwrite each deal and assign a Maximum Bid Amount or “ceiling”. This analysis includes a wide array of highly conservative figures for expenses such as Title Commitment Binders, renovations, escrow fees, lenders fees, etc   Now, when we go to the auction and start bidding on a property, we’re thoroughly prepared and know exactly when to stop bidding, because anything past our ceiling means we won’t be making as much profit.

So, some of the mortgage buffs reading this are going to ask “Where are you getting funding? Are you buying this all cash?”

We’re buying this with none of our own money. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, we work with and for our investors. So, you could say our investor provides the capital and we leave our commission in the deal. Also – and here’s the main component many of you will have trouble with – we work with a specific lender and only this lender for one reason: our lender will finance all of our purchases at trustee sale, as long as we’ve gotten their approval on the list of properties we give them every evening. So, our client will only have to put 25%  down and our lender physically shows up to meet us or our representative at the auction with enough money to finance whatever deal we may have our eye on.

Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention. The last sentence of the last paragraph is the sole reason this post is now on the internet. Of the hundreds of highly active and involved real estate and mortgage professionals I’ve met and shared experiences with, nobody has ever done this in this exact way. Why it took us so long to catch on to this is a different mystery as well.

Now, let me clarify that this process isn’t easy. It’s tedious as hell and takes a lot of patience and intuition. You technically can’t inspect the home until after you’ve purchased it. You’ve got to be sure that you’re making a well-educated decision. Also, you’ve got to trust your instincts. That’s why we stick to areas we know well and price ranges we know we can manage selling. We’re not after multi-million dollar shopping malls (although who knows, if enough people are willing to invest we could syndicate one!).

This is all I’m going to write for now. Feel free to add your own comments or get in touch with me for a chat. I’ll be posting a registration link to receive a brief overview of the transaction in greater detail. Check back soon!

George Avakian

(818) 400-7557


Looking for Off-Market Multifamily Deals in San Fernando Valley?

You’re looking for a knowledgeable and hard-working expert to help you find your next investment. Not just someone who claims to have access to a magical inventory of highly lucrative off-market deals. Chances are you’re on the internet searching for tips or even lists of off-market properties to buy. WRONG! That’s not quite how it works. If you haven’t read our blog posts about how we find our off-market commercial real estate deals or about how we flip properties with clients, here’s a little summary for you.

We’re a father and son team that have been helping investors build wealth for years. Traditionally, we help clients buy and sell commercial real estate deals via the normal markets. However, because of the astonishing number of profitable deals popping up in the off-market and trustee sale arenas, we became experts at strategically targeting and acquiring properties that fit our client’s investment style.

Whether you’re looking for a quick flip or a long term hold at a bargain, we’ll exhaust every effort to find you the biggest return on your investment possible.

Give us a call now at (866) 251-3851 to talk to either George or Vic or send us an email at info@verdugoproperties.com .

Don't Forget: We Love Doing Commercial BPO/BOV for Lenders Anywhere in Los Angeles!

Outside of our standard scope of services, we’ve built an excellent reputation for our top-quality pricing report production for lenders like LSI, Chase, and many local private lenders. We’re NABPOP certified and can normally turn a file around in about 36 hours, depending on your deadline. We understand that most of the time if someone is working with a private hard money lender to finance their off-market commercial real estate, getting things done quickly is usually a necessity. That’s why we’re committed to giving our clients top-quality and detailed Broker’s Pricing Opinion and Broker’s Opinion of Value reports in as little time as possible.

Have a look around our site and give us a call. We’re always available to talk. (866) 251-3851

New Home For Sale in Burbank, CA – 818 Elmwood Ave, Burbank, CA


 Standard regular sale, this house was completed in 2008 with plans & permits available for your review. Please visit the interior and admire the high quality of construction with many fine details, and enjoy the spacious open floor plan and high ceilings through out. This property is located in a very nice area of Burbank North of Kenneth, surrounded with many new large homes, built approx. around the same time. The main house offers 3 bedrooms plus 2.5 bathrooms , with a formal living room, formal dining area,spacious family room and breath taking large kitchen with a separate breakfast area and expensive granite counter tops, all custom built to the owner’s high quality taste and demands. The 2 car garage may satisfy many uses(garage,recreation room,or a suite), it includes a walk in closet and a permitted 3/4 bathroom. Approved stamped building plans and copies of all permits are available. 

For A Photo Tour and More Information, Please Visit:


URGENT BUYER NEED: California Multifamily 100+ Units

Fellow brokers/investors,

We’re working with a group who is IMMEDIATELY  looking to purchase an apartment complex of 100 units (or more) in California. Here’s some more info:

– 100+ Units

– 8% CAP minimum

– Value-add opportunity preferred

– Max $90k per door preferred

– Working closely with private lender  – approved borrower!

SEND ALL RELEVANT DEALS! george@verdugoproperties.com


Call George if you think you may have a deal that fits. (818) 400-7557

"Is It Time To Refinance My Apartment Building?"


Here’s a letter we received from our trusted commercial loan expert, Dennis Dishaw of ACI Capital, talking about the favorable conditions for people looking to refinance their apartment buildings:

“Over the last few months we have seen the “Fannie Mae” 10 year fixed rate remain in the 4% range.  That means today (11/30) you can get up to 80% LTV fixed for 10 years at 4.40%.  Want lower?  Take their 7 year rate at 4.13% today.  Currently “Freddie” is offering an ARM as low as 3.10% with a max note rate of 6.5%.  Can it get lower than this?  Your loan has a prepay penalty that doesn’t expire until next year?  Add the fact, that FNMA offers extended rate locks at better pricing now and using this option gets you today’s low rates for a 2012 close.  Loans under $3 million are priced higher but are still in the low 5% range.

We heard the Fed say over the last year, that they would do everything they could to avoid a double dip recession.  They are keeping rates very low for that reason.  Lenders are reading that rents have stabilized for apartment units nationwide as have values in many markets.  A few banks are approaching FNMA pricing also.  This adds up to more confidence for lenders and consequently, lower pricing.

The unspoken benefit of a lower rate is lower payments.  Putting a number to the new payment tells the investor if the time and cost of a new loan is worth the effort.  Even with a 5.5% rate now, a new rate of 4.4% on $4.0 million would reduce the annual debt service by over $32,170.  Smaller loans have slightly higher rates but the effect is similar.  On an existing loan of $1.1 million at 6%; the new payment at 5% would save you $8,200 per year.  One final issue to consider is that interest rates will surely rise in the future.  An existing loan at these rates will be very attractive when it comes time to sell.

One thing is sure.  New loan requests to refinance will not come to the table with a higher rate!  We recommend that you look at your existing portfolio to see if you can maximize your income stream by lowering existing debt service.  ACI is happy to provide a detailed quote in advance to help with this decision.”


Dennis E. Dishaw

ACI Capital

(818) 654-5212


Off-Market Buyers' Criteria

Friends & Colleagues,

Contrary to popular practice, we spend just as much time finding quality investment opportunities for our buy-side clients as we do marketing assets for sale for our sellers. Once we’ve qualified our buyers, we exhaust every resource and method available to dig up the deals that make sense for them.

Here are just a few of the things we’re currently looking for on behalf of our clients:

– Medical Office Building for sale in Santa Monica (90404) up to $2m.

– Apartments in Glendale, CA (6-14 units, above Glenoaks preferred but not required).

– Apartments in North Hollywood, 10-20 units, value-add opportunities, South of Magnolia.

– NNN Fast Food anywhere in the LA area.

Buyers are qualified and ready to move ASAP.

If you or your client have something that might be of interest, please send a quick outline to george@verdugoproperties.com .


Note: This post will be updated with every new development.