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Looking for Off-Market Multifamily Deals in San Fernando Valley?

You’re looking for a knowledgeable and hard-working expert┬áto help you find your next investment. Not just someone who claims to have access to a magical inventory of highly lucrative off-market deals. Chances are you’re on the internet searching for tips or even lists of off-market properties to buy. WRONG! That’s not quite how it works. If you haven’t read our blog posts about how we find our off-market commercial real estate deals or about how we flip properties with clients, here’s a little summary for you.

We’re a father and son team that have been helping investors build wealth for years. Traditionally, we help clients buy and sell commercial real estate deals via the normal markets. However, because of the astonishing number of profitable deals popping up in the off-market and trustee sale arenas, we became experts at strategically targeting and acquiring properties that fit our client’s investment style.

Whether you’re looking for a quick flip or a long term hold at a bargain, we’ll exhaust every effort to find you the biggest return on your investment possible.

Give us a call now at (866) 251-3851 to talk to either George or Vic or send us an email at .

Don't Forget: We Love Doing Commercial BPO/BOV for Lenders Anywhere in Los Angeles!

Outside of our standard scope of services, we’ve built an excellent reputation for our top-quality pricing report production for lenders like LSI, Chase, and many local private lenders. We’re NABPOP certified and can normally turn a file around in about 36 hours, depending on your deadline. We understand that most of the time if someone is working with a private hard money lender to finance their off-market commercial real estate, getting things done quickly is usually a necessity. That’s why we’re committed to giving our clients top-quality and detailed Broker’s Pricing Opinion and Broker’s Opinion of Value reports in as little time as possible.

Have a look around our site and give us a call. We’re always available to talk. (866) 251-3851