Who We Are

We are a family-operated real estate brokerage headed by a father and son team. Vic and George Avakian, along with their associates, have been serving the Glendale, CA community’s commercial and residential real estate needs together since 2003.

Just Curious About Your Property Value?

We know what it’s like being hassled by pushy salespeople about your real estate holdings. Sometimes, you wish you could ask a simple question and get an honest answer without a drawn out sales pitch. On a daily basis, we complete dozens of proposals for property owners to show them what their property will sell for in today’s market, measure their investment strength and provide insights on how to improve their position all from an unbiased and neutral perspective. We encourage you to reach out to us right away with any questions or concerns about your investment, no matter how urgent. Call (866) 251-3851 to reach one of our cell phones now.


Since 2003, we’ve prided ourselves on doing business honestly and diligently. We strive to give our clients peace of mind by helping them make informed and intuitive decisions about their properties and investments.

Let’s Talk CA Real Estate

As real estate investment experts, we’ve heard our fair share of war stories from apartment and commercial investors. We’re always curious though when someone has a story to tell regarding their experience with investment property. Even if it has to do with your house you’re selling and you’re caught in a “special-circumstance” type of mess, please write us about it! We like to look at problems as challenging opportunities.

Our Homes in Burbank, CA

Over the course of the last decade, we’ve been heavily involved in helping our clients acquire properties through Trustee Sale Auctions, renovating them and putting them back on the market at fair market value. A majority of these properties are in select neighborhoods of Burbank, above Kenneth. We’re proud to say that our efforts in this area have been a catalyst in helping real estate values grow in this small pocket of residential gorgeousness. The best part is that we’re not done yet. Every day, new opportunities to flip homes in the area are presenting themselves and we’d love nothing more than to help maintain such an awesome community. THANKS BURBANK!